From 20 Oct 2018 to 6 Jan 2019

Musei Civici

From October 20th 2018 to January 6th 2019 the Civic Museums will host ‘CHAPEAU!’  a tribute to the hat industry in Monza between the 1800’s and 1900’s’.

Numerous documents, implements and vintage machinery will be on display to narrate the historical evolution, from its embryonic stages to its peak and up to the decline and almost total disappearance of millinery in the area.

The hat making trade generated important manufacturing and social opportunities and contributed greatly to the economic life of Monza between the 19th and 20th centuries.

An industry that influenced the social and productive fabric of the city, closely linked to traditions and trends, leaving striking urban transformations in its wake.

The ancient establishments where thousands of men and women worked have now become piazzas, gardens and houses, vestiges of the industrial archaeological heritage, custodians of a not distant, yet extinct, culture.

The exhibition, curated by MEMB, utilises many authentic resources and is under the aegis of the Rotary Club of Monza Nord - Lissone and the Monza/Brianza non-profit organisation.

Inauguration: Friday October 19th 2018, 18:00. Free admission subject to availability.