From 3 Nov 2018 to 10 Jan 2019

Argenterie Reali - Villa Reale

A new date with contemporary art at the Reggia di Monza: from November 3rd to January 10th the Argenterie Reali will host ‘Sub-Track’, a collective exhibition organized by M.Ar.Co (Monza Arte Contemporanea); a new creative exhibition venture featuring internationally-renowned artists.

‘Sub-Track’ is the ‘base track’, the concealed element that unites the works of the exhibiting artists (Federico Casati, Robert Gligorov, Camille Hannah, Joys, Markus Linnenbrink, Luca Macauda, Eltjon Valle, Joan Salò, Rolando Tessadri and Manuela Toselli) and firmly puts a focus on contemporary abstract art.

By means of aesthetically similar languages, the exhibition ‘plays’ in unison, creating a unique visualisation on the significance of tracks, intended not only as signs, imprints and materials but also as imperceptible elements without which all this choralism is less. Sub-track is a reflection on the language that invites the interlocutor to analyse the exhibition with one distinct key, the common devisor of creative gestation that is concealed behind every single work, much like a conceptual requisite.

The exhibition project features an innovative architectural component that forms a trait d'union for the individual spaces created, a visual fusion that entices the user to follow a single exhibition ‘track’, immersing themselves in the volumes where the works create a dialogue that is correspondingly linked to the overall aesthetics of the project. The microcosm and the macrocosm, the detail and the totality, all create the same harmonic result.

The event is organized by M.Ar.Co Monza in collaboration with Consorzio Villa Reale and Parco di Monza under the aegis of MiBACT, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Monza, the Reggia di Monza and the Monza Rotary Club with the support of Artbus and the Alessandro Villa Studio.