Friday, 29 December, 2017


Monza is a “Motor City”!

Founded in 2008, the Associazione Città dei Motori (Motor Towns Association) unites, under the wing of the Anci (National Association of Italian Municipalities), 27 Italian towns characterised by a motoring vocation that embraces the production of engines (automotive, motorbike and scooters, airspace, shipbuilding), motor sports events (racetracks and historical commemorations) and cultural manifestations (museums, collections, archives). The aim of the Association is to promote, valorise and protect Italian motoring heritage in the various areas through projects and actions to disseminate, develop and defend its authenticity and quality, to contribute to defending and enhancing its value outside the areas concerned.

The reason why Monza is included in the Città dei Motori Network is evidently the construction that makes the city famous in the world: the motor racing circuit known as "The Temple of Speed".

The  Autodromo Nazionale Monza was built in 1922 inside Monza's Royal Park, in just 110 days, on a project of the Automobile Club Italia, and hosts a rich calendar of motor events that give spectators emotions and adrenaline. Among the most important recurring events we must mention the Italian Grand Prix, which from the foundation year onwards has always been held in Monza, except for the years 1937 (Livorno), 1947 (Milan), 1948 (Turin). From the 1950s the Formula 1 Championship was established and since then we can talk about the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, still raced in Monza with the exception of the 1980 edition, held in Imola.

Here the legends of motor racing have competed and some of the greatest sporting and technological innovations such as disc brakes, guardrails and draining asphalt were tested.

Along with Monza, part of the network are the cities of: Arese, Ascoli Piceno, Atessa, Castel d'Ario, Castelfranco Emilia, Cento, Mandello del Lario, Maranello, Modena, Nicolosi, Noale, Ospedaletti, Pratola Serra, Paglieta, Pontedera, Pratola Serra Samarate, San Martino in Rio, Sant'Agata Bolognese, Scarperia, Termoli, Turin, Varano de 'Melegari, Varano de Melegari, Varese, Verrone, Volandia.


The Web Museum

In June 2017 the Motor Web Museum was born, a large virtual and interactive museum designed by the "Rete Nazionale Città dei Motori" and dedicated to Italian motoring culture. On the website there is a cultural offer able to satisfy the interests of an audience of families, enthusiasts, scholars and tourists towards the Italian tradition of the motor industry, proposing a user experience that is simple, engaging and customizable.