Useful Information about Monza

For tourist information you can contact:

City of Monza – Marketing territoriale Office
Piazza Trento e Trieste - 20900 Monza. Tel. 039.2372352-446


Piazza Carducci, 2 - portico of the Town Hall
Tel. 039.323222
Gardens of the Railway Station
Via Caduti del Lavoro

Chamber of commerce Milan, Monza and Brianza, Lodi
Piazza Cambiaghi 9 - 20900 Monza. Tel. 039 - 280.71


Useful phone numbers:
Radio taxi  039/36379
Taxi  039/384699
Medical Emergency and Public Aid  118
Carabinieri - First Aid  112
Fire Department  115
Italian Red Cross 039/322384
Local Police 039/28161
Carabinieri  039/323324
Police  039/24101 
San Gerardo Hospital  039/2331


Monza Accessibile

The City of Monza, in collaboration with the Union of Commerce and with the help of 12 volunteers, including five people with disabilities, has launched a campaign to census public places accessible to people with disabilities. About 90% of the monitored shops is accessible, although in some cases, access should be facilitated by the staff.
On the map of the town on this website, the public places surveyed so far (about a hundred) are pointed out, highlighted by an icon that represents their degree of accessibility. Clicking on each point you can obtain more details. It is also possible to check the accessibility through the application for Android devices here or through the Tourist Totems located in Monza (station, town - center IAT tourism, racetrack, royal villa).